Sure Win Tips

is a team of professional soccer analysts from the five countries. 

We achieved one of the highest winning percentages in the paid tips market. 

Our tips are profitable, reliable, consistent and has over 75% chance of winning. Our odds are over 1.90   

We treat soccer betting like investment and we help you to achieve stable consistent profits from it.

Success comes only with hard work. We're doing the hard work for you!

Joining Football-Win-Tips

at a very low cost it will be one of the best investments you ever make.

Piks, Predictions and Tips

How many tips do you post per match day?

We can offer 2 paid tips per day: «Tip of the Day» and «Combo Tip» .

 Sometimes, we post an «Extra Tip» 


What is the «Combo Tip»?

It is a multiple bet (2-4 events).

Average adds: 1.80-2.00


Why only released 2 tips per match day, but not more?

We deliver only the best. Limiting to only 2 tips per match day, ensures that you get the very best tips from us to gain maximum profits for each tip.


How much is the tips?

1 «Tip of the Day» = 80

1 «Extra Tip» = 80

«Combo Tip» = 70

The price of a tip reflects the amount of work that our experts put every day to deliver the best possible prediction


Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Yes of course!

You'll get 2 FREE Compensation Tips

(1 «Tip of the Day» & 1 «Bonus Tip» ), 

if the «Tip of the Day»  you purchase from us end up "draw" or "lose".


And you'll get 2 FREE Compensation Tips

(1 «Combo Tip» & 1 «Bonus Tip» ), 

if the «Combo Tip» you purchase from us end up "lose".


Free Tips are automatically send on the following match day.

 We call this «100% Satisfaction Guarantee»


What's the average odd of your tips?

Our average odd is somewhere between 1.90 and 2.10


What kind of payment method do you accept?

We accept PayPal and Skrill.

You can also contact us for more payment methods.


After making payment, what should I do?

We will contact you shortly to confirm the delivery of your purchased tips by email. Payments processed after the match started, will be delivered on the next available match day.


How do I receive the tips?

We delivered all tips by e-mail, used by PayPal/Skril account.


Is your tips 100% sure win?

In fact, no tips service provider can provide 100% sure win tips. We work hard to bring the closest possible performance to sure win, at around 75% to 80% hit rates each month.


What Betting System do you Recommend?

We recommend that all users stick to the flat betting system. The most conventional approach would be to follow us with 5 percent of your betting bank for each tip.


Where do you get your betting tips?

Our tips are based on various types of information, from the insider tips coming directly from clubs, related to the composition of teams, injured players, sending-offs, financial difficulties, current condition and form of teams, statistics of their performance over a period of time, transfers and others.


Which types of bets do you preffer?

We use asian handicaps and total goals: overs, unders.


Which bookies do you recommend?

We use odds from Pinnacle, Bet 365, Sbobet,

Ladbrokes, Dafabet and Betfair.


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